Toolbar.4d / User_toolbar.4d

12d Model is installed with a toolbar.4d text file that contains all coding 12d requires for its current toolbar options (View -> Toolbars).

Users are able to create their own toolbars and by placing the correct coding required into a text file called “User_Toolbar.4d”, 12d will automatically add your customised toolbars into the standard file when a 12d Model project is started.

Note: User created toolbars can not have the same name as a 12d toolbar, it is therefore advised to use companies letters or abbreviations as the start of the toolbar name, this will also ensure all company toolbars a alphabetically listed within 12d.  Some 12d options or commands which can be accessed via a 12d toolbar include;

  • Command of accessing a standard 12d panel directly.
  • Command for loading a SLF (Completed Screen Layout file), a single or multiple panels.
  • Command for loading a DDF (Dialog default file), a single panel.
  • Command for running a 12d macro
  • Command for running a 12d user defined Chain (*.chain) file.
  • Command for opening Windows Explorer to the current project working directory.
  • Command for starting the Internet and browsing to a specific website page.

The video below has been produced to explain how to customize your “User_Toolbars.4d” as required.

An example file has been provided in the zip file link provided below.

12d Toolbars file

For additional information on how to create a personalized 12d User Menu and link specific screen layout files (SLX files).

Please click on this link; Creating a Usermenu.4d file