Creating the Leica DBX files is a two step process:  12d Model creates an XML file of the road strings, then the data in the XML file is converted into Leica DBX files.
The conversion of the XML file into Leica DBX files is done using software provided to 12d by Leica.  The DBX files can be created in LGO once you have created XML file in 12d Model.
The same software is used in LGO as in 12d Model to create the DBX files from the XML file.

The conversion from XML to DBX fails on some computers, this is usually because the Leica conversion software is out of date.
It is important to have the latest version of the Leica conversion software installed in 12d Model.

If you have issues creating the DBX files, then the solution is to download and run one of the exe files below – depending on your computer system (64bit or 32bit).
This will update these Leica Roadrunner Addon files and generally means that the DBX files can be created without error.
After downloading the file, make sure you right  click on the file and choose “Run As Administrator”.


The following Windows path below are where these Leica Roadrunner Addon files are installed with 12d Model.

eg C:\Program Files (x86)\12d\12dmodel\14.00\leica\roadrunner.captiva
C:\Program Files\12d\12dmodel\14.00\leica\roadrunner.captiva


C:\Program Files (x86)\12d\12dmodel\14.00\leica\roadrunner
C:\Program Files\12d\12dmodel\14.00\leica\roadrunner