This option is used to save the existing 12d Model project.

Continue down the page to see the Save 12d Model Project options.

There are multiple different ways to save a 12d Model project, the first is to use the main menu.

Use: Project => Save

The second way to save a 12d Model Project is to hold the “Ctrl” key down and click “S” on the keyboard. (Just like any windows program)

The default saving process in a 12d Model project is to have the “Save Project Reminder” pop up every 15 minutes to force you to save your project, as shown below.

interval) use the menu: Project => Settings

Then select the “Save” option from the list on the left.

Tick the “Enable Auto Save” option, and set the specified interval in minutes for the save to occur.

Finally click the <Set> button to save this setting for the project.

Note: The “Save Project Reminder” will not appear again in this project.

When a project is closed, either by clicking the red X on the top right corner of the program, or using the Project => Exit option, if the project has not been saved it will prompt you to save as shown below.

Click the <Yes> button to save and close the project, the <No> button to close the project without saving. The <Cancel> button will keep the project open and not save it.