A ‘Silent Install’ is an method of installing 12d Model without needing to answer any questions, click ‘agree’, or press the ‘Next’ button.

A Silent Install of 12d Model will be used by your I.T. Department to install 12d Model for you over your network.

This brief description is to assist your I.T. Department in setting up a Silent Installs.

Performing a Silent Installation

To install 12d Model ‘silently’ the following is run from the command line : 12d_Model_14_C2k_64_Setup.exe -gm2 -u -m silent -a  C:\12d\Silentinstalls\answers.txt

12d_Model_14_C2k_64_Setup.exe is the installer
(note that the installer used in this description is V14 Release C2k)

-gm2 is required
-u will uninstall an existing version of 12d Model
-m will run the installer in silent mode
-a defines the answers file. In this example C:\12d\Silentinstalls\answers.txt is the path and filename of the ‘answers file’ recorded for the install – see below.


The switches available in the command line are given below (note that all are optional):

“m” = Mode |  default “GUI”  | The mode – ‘GUI’ or ‘silent’.  You will usually set this to ‘silent’.
“a” = Answers File | default <none>  | The ‘answers’ file.
“l”  = Log File | default  <none>  | A log file for the installation.
“o” = Output Answers | default  <none>  | Used to create the ‘answers’ file, this will record the operators ‘answers’ given during installation – see below.
“u”  = Uninstall | default  <none>  | Uninstall an existing version before installing the new version


Recording the ‘Answers file’

Before you can run a silent installer you need to have an ‘answers file’.

This file is created by running the installer from the command line with the following switch: -o PathToAnswersFile

ie 12d_Model_14_C2k_64_Setup.exe -o C:\12d\Silentinstalls\answers.txt

The file that is produced looks like this:

<Field Name=”ExeSubDirectory” Value=”nt.x64″ />
<Field Name=”UserPath” Value=”c:\12d\14.00″ />
<Field Name=”EulaAccepted” Value=”True” />
<Field Name=”SelectedComponents” Value=”12d Model,12d Model Exe” />
<Field Name=”InstallerLocation” Value=”C:\Program Files\12d\12dmodel\14.00″ />
<Field Name=”ExePath” Value=”C:\Program Files\12d\12dmodel\14.00\nt.x64\12d.exe” />