The following is a typical workflow outlining the required steps usually required to undertake the design of a rock retaining wall.

Utilizing various Design MTF tools and options, we have the capability to fabricate a rock retaining wall with variable dimensions in terms of width, height, and depth.

Two distinct approaches to MTF decisional options are presented, alongside the generation of solids (DE) to facilitate the computation of earthworks and material quantities.

The video below covers just the first step in setting up the “Rock Retaining Wall” options.  Please click on the link above to watch all the training videos covering the Rock Retaining Wall design options.

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Training  Videos cover

1. Introduction

2. Create the MTF

3. Creating Construction Strings

4. Decisional Type 1 Checks

5. Decisional Type 1 Go To Answers

6. Decisional Type 2

7. Building Remaining Parts of the Retaining Wall

8. Creating the Subsoil Drainage

Creating the Shapes of the Retaining Wall