This workflow will demonstrate how to swing your survey (assumed coordinated datum) data to a control model (survey coordinated datum). Using the Translate and Rotate panels within 12d model’s Utilities => H-Z menu.

The first step is to translate your surveyed data onto your preferred (fixed) control point of choice. This is done by using the Translate panel. This panel can be found under Utilities => H-Z => Translate.

Once your data has been translated to your chosen control point you need to measure the angle to swing by. This is usually between a second control point, the point your data was translated to, and the corresponding (surveyed) control point.

Once the angle has been measured you can then apply the resulting angle to the Rotate panel. This panel can be found under Utilities => H-Z => Rotate.

If you want to see this workflow in action, check out the Lesson 1.1 Swinging Data- Translate and Rotate within the Survey Data – Swinging Methods Workflow from the 12d Model Workflows section of our online training website.

The information in this post was written in conjunction with 12d Model version 15.0C1j.

If you find that a current release version (released after the version stated above) contains differences, operating issues, potential bugs or require further explanation please contact the EXDS Support team:

PHONE: (02) 9453 9449