There are two sides to this equation.

What needs to be set within the GNSS unit

What needs to be set inside 12dfield

In the GNSS unit

In 12dField

Responsibility: User/Vendor

I.E. who you brought it from

Responsibility: User

Base Correction settings, Ie radio on Ntrip Have project settings for Co-ord system/N_values set
Correct Bluetooth port selected Connect to GNSS unit via Bluetooth
Correct NMEA strings being transmitted down the same Bluetooth port
Note: You no longer need to know the Bluetooth Com Ports numbers, Since V14 the new Bluetooth connection inside 12d bypasses windows settings making Com Ports numbers obsolute.

There really is not much to go wrong.





Bluetooth connection OK, but no NMEA being received

Settings in GNSS unit are not correct Go to your Vendor. GNSS unit not transmitting NMEA strings correctly.
Notes: Having Captivate simulator or other software connecting OK is not evidence of settings being correct. They do use different connection methods.

NMEA Strings being received, but 12dfield staying in Float mode, even though NMEA strings showing fixed solution.

Your N-values may be incorrect. The format of this file has changed during V15. Delete file and re-create.
Notes: If you have re-created this file, and still no go, it is time to contact support.For NSW, ACT and SA, 02 9453 9449

For everywhere please see    12d Solutions Support page