Fixed=>Boxing=>Analyse Subgrade

Analyse Subgrade calculates the Upper Zone of Formation, which is typically from the top of Select Material Zone to the Design Floor Level.  Links are then created that represent the floor of the Upper Zone of Formation.

Min cut length & Min emb length

Sets the minimum length of a cut and embankment zones. If a zone is shorter than this length it will be converted to a shallow embankment. Both of these help to filter out ‘noise’ when the finished surface is close to natural surface.


When ticked-on; If one side of the road is in shallow embankment, the other side will be forced to shallow embankment.
Otherwise if one side of the road is in shallow embankment, the other side will not be changed.


Clean model?

When using Analyse Subgrade multiple times in the same MTF, this should only be ticked on for the first occurence.  Otherwise the resulting Subgrade model will be cleaned as each instance of Analyse Subgrade is run.

Link 1 & Link 2

Names for generated subgrade links.  These horizontally match the Input Links 1 & 2.

Append SG (Sub-Grade) type to name

The subgrade Link 1 & Link 2 will be suffixed with the type of subgrade they represent:

  • cut – Cut zone
  • emb – Embankment zone
  • sem – Shallow embankment zone
  • sem-cft/cft-sem – Cut/Fill transition, adjacent shallow embankment
  • cut-cft/cft-cut – Cut/Fill transition, adjacent cut
  • sem-emb/emb-sem – One string in shallow embankment where the other side is in embankment