So you’ve been asked to provide an IFC file, and not sure how to organise your data in 12d Model prior to exporting.  Here is a quick reference guide for all the humps, bumps, and hurdles we’ve come across for getting your data out to the wonderful world of BIM.

Before proceeding, there’s one important question you should ask first;

  • What software package is the data going into?

If the answer is 12d Model, then we can’t stress enough that you should be using a 12da/12daz file.

If the answer is something else, then read on…

Some things to be aware of;

  • Not all software reads all versions of IFC files.
    • You should check this with the receiving person.
  • The IFC format only allows for String Attributes.
    • IFC files do not support Segment and Vertex Attributes.
    • This is a limitation of the IFC Format.
    • This is not a problem with 12d Model.
  • Super Alignment and Tin can only be exported as IFC4x1 or later.
    • IFC2x3 / IFC4 do not support Super Alignment or Tin
    • Again, this is not a problem with 12d Model.

For additional information about 12d Model and IFC files, take a look at;

  • 12d Model Reference Manual – 12.2 Export BIM Data