If you have Linetypes defined in a DWG, they can be imported into 12d Model and added to your user linestyles.  Likewise, any Blocks in the DWG can be added to you user symbols.  The process is the same for both.

First step, if possible, is to clean-up the DWG file by deleting any unnecessary objects.  Ideally you should just have is a single example of each linetype and block you want to import;

  • a polyline for each linetype
  • a block inserted for each symbol

Once you have the above, then purge the DWG a few times to remove any unwanted layers, linetypes, and blocks.

Create a new 12d Project.  No, don’t use an existing project that has example this and that, and whatever……  Go and create a new 12d Project.

Download these example .4D files:  blank_linestyles_symbols_4d.zip

In your new clean 12d Project, go to the Working Folder and copy in the files;

  • linestyl.4d
  • symbols.4d

Restart the project, and you should now only have a couple of example linestyles/symbols under a group called ‘Your Company’.

Next, go to File=>Data Input=>DWG and select your DWG file.
Make sure Load Xref Files: un-tick and then click <Read>

When prompted to Save New Definition(s), select <Yes>

On the Write Setup Files panel, make sure Current Folder is selected.

The new linestyles and symbols will be added to the linestyl.4d and symbols.4d files in the Working Folder.

Note:  You will need to restart the project for the new linestyles/symbols to be loaded.

After restarting the project, you will find the new linestyles/symbols listed under [All].

Now that the linestyles/symbols have been created, you can either;

  • Rename both files to user_linestyl.4d and user_symbols.4d and then copy to your user folder.


  • Edit both files and copy the definitions to your existing user_linestyl.4d and user_symbols.4d files.

When editing the .4D files, take note of the file type and encoding.  Please read here for info on Saving Text Files

You may also want to edit the user_*.4d files to place the linestyles/symbols into groups.  More information on creating linestyles can be found in the 12d Reference Manual;

  • 36.1 Line Styles
  • 36.1.3 Line Style Definitions