There is a new major feature in 12d Model 15 – Themes

The introduction of Themes, will allow more flexibility and increase productivity in workflow for users.

Themes will allow for:

  • Different menus and sub-menus on the Main menu across the
    top of 12d Model.
  • Different menus and sub-menus for each of the View types.
  • Different icon sets for the standard Microsoft choices
    (100%, 125%, 150%, 175% and 200%)

The icon sets have been redesigned to suite the different sizes:

  • Changing between the different Themes without leaving 12d Model.
  • Changing icons sizes for a Theme without leaving 12d Model

For a short presentation on Themes and options for scaling toolbars to your preferred size, please watch the video below.

Here is where the 12d Model Themes can be found: