This page provides details of how to install 12d Model V15 and how to migrate configuration files from V14 to V15.

For more information about 12d Model V15 goto

The 12d Model Software V15 installer can be downloaded using the notes found via this link 12 Model V15

12d Model V15 Installation Options
12d Model

You should leave this ticked.

Codemeter Runtime

Tick this on to install the drivers for the Codemeter dongle.
If you have a Codemeter dongle (silver USB or mini USB) then we recommend that you tick this on to update the Codemeter dongle driver.
If you have a WIBU dongle (green USB with dongle number starting 572d) then there is little point installing these drivers.

Courses and Training

Tick this on to install the data used in the 12d Model ‘Getting Started Guide’.
This option does not install the datsets used for on-line training, or for any of the courses listed on the EXDS website or for any of the courses available through our online learning portal.
If you are using 12d Model for the first time, and you wish to use the ‘Getting Started Guide’, then you should tick this box.
Otherwise there is little value in installing this data.

Trimble Precision Runtime

Tick this on if you use Trimble surveying instruments, and you wish to connect 12d Model to your controller.

12d Model Updater Service

Tick this on if you want 12d Solutions to keep your version of 12d Model 15 up to date.
The updater service will check for a new version of 12d Model 15 (a minor release) and if it finds one, it will offer to download and install it for you.

If you are working in a large organisation where your I.T. Department controls the software on your computer, then DON’T tick this.
If you work in a smaller office, and have access to the internet, then we recommend that you install the 12d Model Update Service

Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables

You MUST install these for 12d Model to work properly

Configuration files for 12d Model 14 are typically stored in C:\12d\14.00\user
and your library files are stored in C:\12d\14.00\user_lib
Copy the configuration files from \14.00\user to \15.00\user
Copy the library files from\14.00\user_lib to \15.00\user_lib

All of the configuration files from 12d Model 14 will work in 12d Model 15 EXCEPT for the master environment file (env.4d) and the environment configuration file env_configs.4d
These files may not exist in your \14.00\user folder, and if they do not, then (happy days) 12d Model 15 will work perfectly.

If either of these files are present in your \14.00\user folder, we suggest that you do not copy them to \15.00\user, but instead simply start 12d Model 15, and check if anything is missing, or does not work as expected.
If you are in NSW, ACT or SA, and you need assistance with installation or the configuration files (env.4d or env_configs.4d), please contact EXDS Support
If you are in any other region, please contact your local support team.

It is easy for the \user folder to become bloated with unnecessary files, and for old versions of files in that folder to reduce the capability of 12d Model 15

Now is the time to do a little housework, to delete unnecessary files.

Backup files
Most of the files in \user end with the extension ‘.4d’
Most of the files in the \user folder can be best edited inside 12d Model Software.  If you edit the file inside 12d Model and save it, a backup of the old version will be saved.

For example if you edit the linestyles file (linestyl.4d) inside 12d Model, and save the file, the old version will be renamed linestyl.4d.1
If you edit the file again and save it, and you will have two backups; linestyl.4d.1 and linestyl.4d.2
You should use Windows Explorer to check the contents of the \14.00\user folder before you copy the contents to \15.00\user
Any files that end in .1 .2 .3 .4 etc should be deleted.

Old files
It is possible that files in your \14.00\user folder will reduce the capability of 12d Model 15.

WHY? Is this:
Each version of 12d Model is released with enhancements to the provided configuration files.

For example the linestyles provided with 12d Model 15 are more comprehensive than the linestyles provided with 12d Model 14.
But if you have edited the V14  linestyle.4d file, and you copy that file to \15.00\user\ the linestyles available to you will always be based on an old version of 12d Model.
You will not have access to any new linestyles added by 12d Solutions for use in 12d Model 15.

If you are not sure, the easiest way to check whether you need a particular file is to not copy it to \15.00\user\ and see if any customisation is missing.
If you need assistance with this part of the upgrade, and you are in NSW, ACT, or SA, please contact the EXDS Support team.
If you are in any other region, please contact your local support team.

We suggest that the following files should be considered for retirement if they exist in your \14.00\user folder

  • linestyl.4d
  • symbols.4d
  • survey.4d
  • drainage.4d
  • plotters.4d
  • colours.4d
  • apply_defaults.4d
  • apply_many_defaults.4d