This option is used to add a function name to an already created Tin in the project.

Continue down the page to see the Retriangulate Function Panel options.

To view the Retriangulate Function Panel, Use: Tins => Create => Function

The Retriangulate Function Panel can also be found under: Tins => Edit => Function

Select the relevant ‘Tin’ from the drop down menu.

Type in the new ‘Function name’ to be associated with the selected Tin. We recommend using the tin name with a prefix of ‘tin ‘ (tin and a space). That way the function name is linked to the Tin name.

Hit the <Create/Set> button to assign the new function name to the tin.

The image below shows that the function name has been assigned to the tin, as it is now listed in the list of functions for the project, shown under the Recalc menu or panel.