12d Model requires access to a ‘dongle’ in order to run.

Most users have a ‘standalone’ dongle attached to a USB port in their computer.
Standalone dongles are available in full size USB, mini USB, and micro SD Card
Since 2015 12d Solutions has shipped ‘Codemeter’ dongles with new licenses of 12d Model
If your dongle number starts with 5c2d47 (or is too small to read) then you have a codemeter dongle
If your dongle number starts with 572d47 then you have a WIBU dongle

The alternative to a standalone dongle is to use a ‘network’ dongle
A typical arrangement is to have the network dongle attached to a server, and for the 12d Model user machines to ‘point’ to the dongle on the server
This provides a secure location for the dongle, and a machine with a fixed I.P. address
If a server (or other suitable machine) is not available then a ‘USB Anywhere’ device can be used to provide a USB port

Network Dongle

  1. 12d Model is available to any user on the network, including the wide area network
    The dongle is ‘burned’ with the number of license that you have purchased
  2. Authorisation of 12d Model relies on the network (or internet) being up
  3. Each project that is opened takes one license from the network dongle – even if the projects are opened on the same computer.
  4. All copies of 12d Model licensed by the network dongle must be the same configuration.
    This is because the network dongle only allows 12d Model to start, it cannot control what modules are available on a license.
  5. The physical dongle can be burned with additional ‘virtual’ dongles.
    12d Model can be configured so that the user chooses the capability that they need for the project, and the relevant dongle is used.

Standalone Dongle

  1. 12d Model will only run on the machine with the dongle.
  2. Authorisation of 12d Model is independent of the network or internet
  3. You can open as many different 12d Model projects as you like on the machine with the dongle

Network licensing using a network dongle provides a safe and flexible way for all of your staff to use 12d Model

EXDS provides advise about the suitability of a network dongle for your organisation, and assistance with the installation and configuration of network dongles