Exporting points to the Leica platforms can be done via the .csv format. This option, within 12d Model, is located under File I/O => Data Output => x y z => x y z general.

The Write X Y Z General File for panel allows the user write a .csv file by selecting the data source that they wish to export, along with the specific information they require from the selected data.

NOTE: The default file type, in the File box of the Write X Y Z General File panel, will be a .dat file once the user enters a name. All the user needs to do is backspace the .dat and replace it with .csv before writing the file.

The Delimiter box will also be set, by default, to tab “/t”. This will need to be changed to the comma “,” option.

IMPORTANT: The Leica platforms can only read .csv files that are in ANSI format. By default 12d Model writes the .csv file in the UNICODE format.

To change the formatting that the .csv file will be written in, all the user needs to do is press the yellow folder button next to the File box and choose the [Ansi format] (System codepage) option from the list.

Once the user has filled out the appropriate fields, of the Write X Y Z General File for panel , the user can then press the <Write> button followed by the <Finish> button.

The file(s) created from the above workflow will now exist in the projects working folder (or the nominated file path specified in the File box), and can be imported into the relevant Leica platforms.

Another method for exporting points to the Leica platforms is available from 12d Model. To learn more about this method please visit this post: Exporting a .DXF file from 12d Model to Leica