AutoCAD Drawing Templates (*.dwt)

The AutoCAD drawing template should be set up with a matching AutoCAD map file. (*.acadmf)

Search the web here for the process of creating a “*.dwt” file.

Whilst it is possible to create a single “*.dwt” file for 12d Model to use for all external mapping to Autocad, some 12d Users have created two files for clean exporting of different project information.

  1. A DWT file for all plan information (co-ordinated information), which uses the string name to map directly to a corresponding Autocad layer (Used on the File I/O => Output => DWG/DWF panel), this mapping also requires a matching “*.acadmf” file for mapping (details on this file are below).
  2. The second DWT file is for all Plot Parameter Files (ppfs) and can be used in the same method as the first file. The String names or colours of the information plotted can then be mapped to the correct CAD layers/colours etc for all Longitudinal, Cross Section, Drainage Long section information etc.

Click here from more information on the Autocad map file.

An Autocad Drawing Template file can only be created using your CAD package.

This is a binary file and not produced with 12d Model Software.