Hotkeys are image based button panels, in 12d Field, that are primarily used to control a connected instrument via the tablet. They allow the operator to control/command the connected instrument with ease through the touch of a finger or stylus.

To activate the hotkey(s) in 12d Field: Show Options => Settings => Surv GUI => HotKeys

You have up to four HotKey bars available for display at the same time. They can be displayed as either vertical bars (On – Vertical), horizontal bars (On – Horizontal) or they can be turned off.

There are several types of HotKey bars that come default with 12d Field. Such as setout, measure setout, pickup, joystick etc. To choose the one you want, simply left-click on the drop down menu for Bar 1 hotkeys, Bar 2 hotkeys, Bar 3 hotkeys or Bar 4 hotkeys.

HotKey panels can be moved anywhere on the screen by clicking and dragging. Just like all panels in 12 Model and 12 Field.

If you wish to change the sizing of the HotKey panel(s),

Visit this Post: Hotkeys-panel sizing