12d Model ‘Hydro’ (Hydrology) file.

This post is about creating a .hydro file using rainfall Depths downloaded from the Australian BOM website, and Temporal Patterns downloaded from the ARR Data Hub.

The ‘.hydro’ file contains

  • Rainfall data – either Rainfall Intensity as IFD, or Rainfall Depths as AEP
  • Temporal Patterns from ARR1987
  • Temporal Patterns from the ARR Data Hub for Storm Ensembles
  • Coefficients for Horton Losses
  • Coefficients for Green Ampt Losses
  • Coefficients for Initial – Continuing Losses
  • Coefficients for SCS Losses
  • Tailwater Series (tailwater Elevation vs Time)
  • Pump Rating Curves

Note that at present the rainfall Depths ‘download as csv’ is available.
The ‘Download all design rainfalls CSV’  will not be processed.

BOM Data Hub download rainfall depths

This Video describes the process to create the hydro file, and how to choose the storms to be analysed