Setout strings are strings from a road design that have an effect on (or are used by) the nodes on the Water string

Setout Strings are used by 12d Model for three things:

  • To allow setout information for be given for a location other than the node center.
    An example is where an inlet structure is built with it’s center aligned with the back of kerb, but the setout information required is at the lip of kerb.
  • To allow symbols and solids to be aligned with the proposed road kerb.
  • To enable 12d Model to measure road crossfall and longitudinal grade.
    These have an effect on the hydraulic performance of an inlet.

Setout Strings were first added to 12d Model for the first of these, hence they are referred to as ‘Setout Strings.

The strings from the road design that are to be used as Setout Strings are identified in the ‘Road design file’.

The Road design file is used in the Water Network Editor, in the Global/Utility Models tab

.A workflow for creating and using Setout Strings is give here

Setout strings used to align inlet Symbols and Solids

Inlet lintel and grate orientation WITHOUT setout strings – the symbols and solids are aligned with the downstream link.

Inlet grate and lintel orientation WITH setout strings the symbols and solids are aligned with the road setout string