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Along with concatenating attributes, the Attribute Manipulator can de-concatenate attribute values into separate attributes.  Even better, the new attributes can be placed into a group to make life easier when exporting to IFC.

To create an Attribute Manipulator file, refer to:

De-Concatenate Attributes


De-Concatenate follows the same syntax as Concatenate.  Each attribute name is in curly brackets { }.


Deliminators are needed to define where attribute values start/end;

  • Attr: W-90mm uPVC

For the above, the ‘-’ and ‘mm ’ delineate between the attributes;

  • UTIL: W
  • SIZE: 90

De-Concatenate will always create text attributes.  Additional rules re needed to then convert text to Real or Integer.


De-concatenate the trimesh attribute;

  • Rule type: Str/Tin/Trm attribute
  • Attribute name: Object
  • Convert to: Deconcat
  • Parse format: {LANE}0{NUM}-{MATERIAL}

For the above, the ‘0’ and ‘-’ delineate the attributes

If the attributes are in Groups, then the full path must be included.

So for example the “span” attribute would be: TR*/TR/span

Note that it is case sensitive.