If you have exported your 12d Model project data via the IFC file format and have imported it into Navisworks 2021, you may experience the following issues:

  • Reading the IFC file in is taking a very long time.
  • Navisworks crashes
  • Your data appear distorted or Jagged (not looking correct)

See below for the solution on how to fix this.

Before you open the IFC file, select the Options button, follow the image below.

Navisworks 2021 has two Conversion Methods, Legacy and Modern

The Modern method is causing the issue, Modern is the Default.

Change the method to Legacy, then ok to close this panel.

Your IFC file should now read in correctly.

If you are experiencing issue using Navisworks 2020, click on link below to open up another wiki post.

IFC File Export – Distorted / Jagged Objects in Navisworks 2020