One of the most useful tools in 12d Model Software is String Inquire.

Accessed via the “Strings > Inquire” menu or by using the “F2” (short-cut) key on your keyboard. The string inquiry provides a lot of useful information at a quick glance.

But it can do SO MUCH MORE!

The image above is the standard “String Inquire” option provided by default from 12d Model Software.

But there is a “Super String Inquire” option available for users and we believe it’s the way to go for enhancing your 12d Projects.

To enable the option you need your 12d Manager to change your “env_config.4d” file to contain the following variables;

SUPER_INQUIRE_4D               1                     // Setting the option to 0n. “0” Sets the option to off.
SUPER_INQUIRE_DEFAULT_STYLE_4D           12d inquire   // Setting the default file for the first time the inquire tool is used for a project.

If a “Default” style is not selected 12d will replace the style with a standard default option

Note: The name of the “style” used will appear at the top of the Information panel.