If this is the first time you are a connecting a specific instrument 12d Field, You will need to refer one of the following links, depending on the instrument brand and model, prior to continuing on this page.

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When you start 12d Field, Survey => 12d Field => 12d Field,  the configuration of the previous survey is offered to you.
If the same surveyor, as the previous survey job, is continuing the work with the same instrument then simply press the <Use> button to continue.
To change the Surveyor or instrument,  then choose the <Change> button and the ‘12d Field – Instrument Selection’ panel will appear. From this panel you can choose the type of instrument, add the surveyors details and set specific scale factors.

The type of instrument drop down menu can be edited. If you wish to do so,

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Once you have filled out the appropriate fields press <Set>, or in the case of the details being the same as the last time you used 12d field press <Use> and the instrument will connect and the 12d Field Instrument Control Bar will appear.

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