When working with large data sets, 12d Model may appear to be stuck in an endless redraw-loop.  This can occur when;

  • Panning
  • Mousewheel zooming
  • Add/Removing Models

On a Plan view you can change the Drawing Engine, which can allow you to <Esc> out of redraws on large data sets.  There are two options available;

  • GDI
  • GDI_Threaded
  • Normal redraw/refresh of views.  A full redraw is completed before the next redraw commences.
  • Suitable for most data sets.
  • Allows <Esc> during a redraw.  The current redraw can be cancelled, and the next redraw commences.
  • Suitable for large data sets only, such as Lidar and Contours.

For semi-automatic cancelling of redraws, in the env.4d add in the following variable.

allow_wheel_mouse_drawing_escape_4d   1

This allows 12d Model to cancel a redraw when using the Mouse Wheel for zooming.  For each ‘click’ of the mouse wheel, 12d Model will cancel the current redraw and start the next redraw.