These simple text files are not shipped with 12d Model Software.

They are an opportunity for 12d Model Users to setup and further customise the software when a 12d project is first created or ever time a project is opened.

The “macros.4d” file will run the user defined specific macros or chains when a new project is created (Note: These commands /options are only run once).

The “project_macros.4d” file is run on existing 12d Model projects, every time the project is entered or opened. (Note:  These commands /options are likely to be run many times over the project life).

These text files can be named differently, to the names provided below using the env_config variables. But it is suggested that you stay with the standard 12d file names to make finding and setting up of your 12d Model customisation easier.

RUN_MACROS_FILE_4D                        added    “macros.4d”
RUN_PROJECT_MACROS_FILE_4D       added    “project_macros.4d”

An example “macros.4d” file can be downloaded via the link provided here.

The zipped file provided contains a number of 12d files. Extract the zipped file and move/copy the “macros.4d” into your $User directory.

The remaining files provided, (Chains and View favourites etc) need to be moved/copied into your $User_lib directory.

If you open the macros.4d file using notepad, you will see the code being used to run the two chains provided. Note: These Chains will only be run when you create a new 12d Project.

The first Chain will modify the Design, LS & XS views created to setting used in the view favorite files.

The second Chain will copy a number of standard 12d Design snippets into the project working directory.

If you require further assistance, please call 12d Technical Support for information.