Creating Backups of your work is just plain common sense if you are working with a computer.

There are 3 ways that you can backup your 12d Model projects:

  1. Use Backup Software.  Hey, this is a given; you (or your I.T. people) should be doing this as a matter of course.
  2. Use the ‘Copy’ command on the 12d Model Startup Screen.
  3. Use Windows Explorer.

Backup Software

External drives and backup programs are so inexpensive that if you aren’t regularly backing up your hard drive you are a fool to yourself and a danger to others.

But in many offices, retrieving a project from last night’s backup means getting the I.T. team involved, and can take some time.

So sometimes it’s useful to just take a ‘snapshot’ of your project.  Read on.

12d Model ‘Copy’ Command

The 12d Model Startup Screen has tools available to Copy an existing project.

Here’s the rub:  You cannot copy the project that you are working in.
The workflow is to close, then restart 12d Model, then use the ‘Copy’ tool, before you open the project.

Windows Explorer

It’s a simple matter to open Windows Explorer, browse to the working folder, and make a copy of the project.
(Ctrl <C> followed by Ctrl <V> will do it).

This works great EXCEPT that 12d Model project names are NOT allowed to have spaces in them, so ‘Copy of XXX.project’ cannot be opened in 12d Model
(Copy_of_XXX.project works just fine though).