12d View is free to download and run on any computer.

12d View allows you to open existing 12d Model projects and view their contents or to create new projects using 12da, IFC, dwg files.

You can measure and inquire on tins or trimeshes (solids) and access the 12d data in 3d whilst the project continues to be developed.

Installers for 12d View can be downloaded using the link below.

There is now V14 and V15 of the 12d View Program available to download and install:


Here is a short video to describe what you can do and access in the 12d View program.

There are two methods to use the 12d View software.

Option 1. Open 12d Model Projects created in Version 12 and Version 14.

  • This works automatically if you have 12d Model,  you can register or run the software “unregistered”
  • Any ‘Shared’ data will be available, just as it is in the full version of 12d Model

Option 2. Drag and Drop a 12da, 12daz, 12dXML, DWG, DXF, GENIO, ADAC or IFC onto 12d View to create a temporary 12d project, and view the data.  Once you exit 12d View the temporary project is deleted.

This lets you view data from a variety of sources, even if it has not been loaded into 12d Model

For more information on 12d View, please check out the free 12d View Training Course;

Please note you may need to sign up for the 12d Training website of you have not done so previously to access all the training videos for this course.

The Dataset used in these videos has also been provided for support and is available under the “Resources” tab, once you have logged into the training videos.

If you have any issues accessing the data please email support: support@exds.com.au

Training  Videos cover these Topics:

1. Course Outline and Installing 12d View

2. Two Ways to use 12d View

3. Display Options in 12d View

4. Interrogating the Data in 12d View