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1. First you need to explode the Super Alignment labels: Strings=>Super alignment=>Tools=>Explode and process labels

2. The labels are now Super Strings with Vertex Text, which need to be converted into Text objects. Quickest method is to write out a DWG then read it back in.

Write DWG

Most of the settings can be left as-is, however on the General tab set the following;

  • Dimension: 2d
  • Default Level: 0
  • Use blocks for point styles: un-tick

Read DWG

Most of the settings can be left as-is.  Except that you must add a Prefix for Models, otherwise the text will end up on the same model as the SA Labels.

3. To display text in a 3d View, the text objects need Z-Values.  To do this, use the Tin=>Drape=>Drape and set the following;

  • Drape Mode: Vertices Only
  • Skip 2d strings: un-tick
  • Pass other strings: un-tick
  • It also helps to add a Z-Offset to lift the text above the tin.

4. Lastly, you will need to run a macro to convert the text into 3d objects.

The macro is available as part of the EXDS Customisation, available for free here:

Once installed, go to User=>EXDS Plugins=>Utilities=>Convert text for perspective display