You will need to authorise 12d Model if:

  • You have just installed 12d Model on your machine.
    See this post for instructions on how install 12d Model.
  • You have upgraded your license of 12d Model.
    The new authorisation file will allow you to use the new modules.
  • You have been using your Perpetual license of 12d Model for two years.
    Standard authorisations for perpetual licenses expire after two years and need to be replaced.
  • You have a subscription license of 12d Model, and you have renewed your subscription

The authorisation file for 12d Model is usually sent to you as an attachment to an email.

For 12d Model 12 the file is nodes.12d12n
For 12d Model 14 the file is nodes.12d14n

As you would expect the file is often referred to as the ‘nodes file’

To use the authorisation file, simply double-click on it.
A panel will open as shown below.

Press ‘Install’ to authorise your copy of 12d Model.

The ‘Operation’ can be ‘Prepend’ or ‘Replace’.   DO NOT choose ‘Append’.

Some email systems will not allow you to run the attachment from the email.  In this case you will need to save the file to your desktop then double-click it.