This option is used to view the details of a Tin in the project.

Continue down the page to see the Tin Information Panel options.

To view the Tin Information Panel, Use: Tins => Tin Info

Pick the <Tin> Button and select the Tin to View in the Information Panel.

Note: Tins that have a different colour  in a tin list means that they are either shared into the project from another project, or the tin has been shared out of this project. In this case the blue ‘survey’ tin has been shared into this project, while the orange ‘Road Design’ and ‘Stage 2 Roads’ tins have been shared out of this project.

The ‘Road Design’ tin has been selected and the details entered into the panel.

The xmin, xmax, ymin, ymax, zmin and zmax options are the minimum and maximum x,y and z limits of the tin.

Points is the number of points in the tin.

Tris is the number of triangles in the tin.

The <Info> button gets the information for the tin in the tin field, it will refresh the panels information.

The <Calc Extent> button recalculates the x,y,z bounding box for the tin.