This option is used to import REST Features Service Datasets into a 12d Model project.

Continue down the page to see the REST Features Service Panel options.

To view the REST Features Service Panel, Use: File => GIS => REST Features Service

Using the Security Tab in the Read REST Features Data Panel in 12d Model

The Read REST Features Data panel in 12d Model now includes a Security tab, which allows users to enter their REST Token for secure access to web services. This post will guide you through what to input in this tab and explain its purpose.

What is a REST Token?

A REST Token is a secure authentication token used to access resources on ArcGIS web services. When these services are secured with ArcGIS token-based authentication, every request must include a valid token.

Steps to Acquire a REST Token

To obtain a token, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Token URL: In a web browser, navigate to
  2. Enter User Credentials: Input the username and password of an authorised user.
  3. Specify Client Restrictions: Choose how the token can be used:
    • HTTP Referer: The token is valid only for requests referred by the specified URL.
    • IP Address: The token can be used only from the specified IP address.
    • IP Address of Request’s Origin: The token is valid only from the IP address used to acquire it.
  4. Set Token Expiry: Define how long the token will be valid.
  5. Choose Response Format: Select HTML or JSON for the token format.
  6. Generate Token: Click the “Generate Token” button.

For detailed instructions on token acquisition, refer to the ArcGIS documentation.

Entering the REST Token in 12d Model

Once you have your REST Token, you can enter it into the Security tab in the Read REST Features Data panel:

  1. Open the Read REST Features Data Panel: Navigate to this panel within 12d Model.
  2. Go to the Security Tab: Select the Security tab to access the token input field.
  3. Enter the REST Token: Paste your token into the provided field.

Why is this Important?

Entering a valid REST Token is crucial for accessing secured ArcGIS web services. Without it, your requests to retrieve or interact with data will be denied. The token ensures that only authorised users can access sensitive resources, thereby maintaining the security and integrity of the data.

Additional Notes

  • IP Address Restrictions: If a proxy server exists between your client and the ArcGIS Server, ensure the token is bound to the proxy’s IP address.
  • Token Expiry: Keep track of the token’s expiration time to avoid interruptions in service access.

By correctly configuring the Security tab with your REST Token, you can seamlessly access and interact with secured ArcGIS resources within the 12d Model environment.


Map file
A Map file in 12d Model is used to map data and in the case of GIS data you can use the attributes to map things such as string names, models, colours, and line styles. It’s important to ensure that the model names in the Map file exactly match the names entered in the REST Settings tab for proper mapping. This process allows seamless integration of geographic data from REST Feature Services into 12d Model, ensuring accurate and consistent visual representation.