The Attribute Manipulator can be used to copy, move, edit, and delete Attributes from the Project level right down to Vertex.  Attribute Manipulator Rules are then saved to a file so that they are easily repeatable.

The Attribute Manipulator also has the ability to change Properties, such as Name, Colour, Linestyle, etc.

Utilities => Attributes => Create/Edit Attribute Manipulator File

Click the + button to add a Rule.  Every Rule has two parts;

  • Attribute/Property to Use
  • Attribute/Property to Modify

For more information on the U & M buttons, see here:

Attribute/Property to Use

This is the Attribute or Property you want to copy/edit.
In the example, we take the String Property:  Name

Attribute/Property to Modify

This is the resulting Attribute or Property.
In the example, we then copy the string name to a String Attribute called:  String Name

Utilities => Attributes => Apply attribute manipulator file

Once you’ve created the Attribute Manipulator File, it can now be applied to your data.