This option is used to dynamically label the slope/grade of a tin surface.

The Label flow arrow option can be used in a combination of ways to produce your required result for labelling the slope/grade of a tin surface.

If the “Point” method is selected on the panel, then the arrow and grade (text) produced will be calculated from the tin surface at the location and the direction (aspect) of the tin indicated from the arrow direction.

If the “Line” method is selected, users can select the start and end position of the produced arrow (this might cross several tin triangles).  The resulting arrow and text produced will be the grade/slope from the tin surface calculated between the two-points selected.

Note: This panel and the labels produced can be captured in a Chain for updating if required.  Also, if the Point or Line vertices are moved (translated over the tin surface) the “Update” button will automatically (dynamic) recalculate the new grade given the changes.

To label the grade or slope of a tin, Use: Tin => Tin analysis => Label flow arrow