This option is used to calculate and display the difference between the z-value of a Tin and the height of a selected string in the project. This is especially useful for pipe and culvert strings, as it will display depth values to invert, centre and obvert.

Continue down the page to see the Tin Depth from String Panel options.

To view the Tin Depth from String Panel, Use: Tins => Inquire => Depth from String

Pick the <Tin> button and select the tin required.

Pick the <String> button and select the string to calculate the depth values.

In the image below the red pipe string has depth values calculated to the Invert, Centre and Obvert, the string has a diameter of 1.2m. The panel also displays the string chainage and z-value details, along with the cursor x and y coordinates.

Pick the <String> button and select another string, move the cursor along the string and see the information details update as the cursor is perpendicularly dropped onto the string.

As shown below the panel will update as the cursor location changes.