Having just spent a few days learning about XSLT files so that you can create some custom table formats, you eagerly jump into a 12d Project only to find that your custom tables do not exist.  After restarting 12d a few times, re-saving all of your XLST and XML files, and then trying again, eventually you give up…..

Don’t despair, the ‘fix’ is simpler than you would imagine.

Cad => Table => Super Alignment

When creating a Super Alignment Table, and your custom Table Formats are missing;

Go into the Project => Settings,
and then under Super Alignment => Report you will see a list of Table Formats that have been saved to the current project.

Either delete or keep the existing formats, and then enter your custom Table Formats;

TfNSW Alignment Report tfnsw_sa_table.12dxslt
TfNSW Urban TfNSW_sa_table_urban.xslt
TfNSW Rural TfNSW_sa_table_rural.xslt

Note:  The above must match the super_alignment_settings.xml

When finished, click <Set>