This option is used to create boundary polygons around different coloured regions
of the tin (already coloured triangles in the tin).

Continue down the page to see the Polygons from Tin Colours Panel options.

To view the Polygons from Tin Colours Panel,

Use: Tins => Tin Analysis => Polygons From Colours

Pick the <Tin> button and select the tin required.

Either type in a new model name or pick the <Model> button and select a model from the drop down list.

‘Boundaries Draped’ – if ticked, the created boundary strings will have the z-values applied to the new boundary strings from the tin.

Hit the <Create> button to create the new boundary strings in the model.

Hit the <+> button to turn the new model onto the view.

Open a ‘String Inquire’ <F2> button, to inquire the newly created boundary polygons.