Below is a video from the 12d Model Training Webinar Series, which helps to demystify
Track Terminology.

The Webinar is presented by Alisdair McCrudden of 12d Model.

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Summary of Video

02:08 Summary of Rail Design and some commonly used terms

02:47 Typical cross section through a rail embankment and track

03:43 Gauge

06:33 Design Centreline

06:54 Cant

09:27 “Intersections” – i.e. ‘cross overs’ and ‘turn outs’, as they’re known in rail design

11:46 Curve Compensation

13:42 A MTF Snippet to produce a decisional cut and fill ‘template’

15:49 Fill Situation

17:18 Cut

19:40 Potential issues that may arise with Snippets

20:27 The Snippet in action in 12d Model – in a rail project