This option is used to calculate and display the slope of triangles in a Tin at a cursor location.

Continue down the page to see the Tin Slope Inquire Panel options.

To view the Tin Slope Inquire Panel, Use: Tins => Inquire => Slope

Pick the <Tin> button and select the tin required.

Move the mouse around the selected tin and see the panel display the slope of the triangle at the cursor location.The slope is calculated and displayed with three different ways:

  • Percentage Crossfall %
  • 1 vertical in ?
  • Angle in degrees, minutes and seconds

The panel will also display the X and Y coordinates for the cursor position.

As shown below the panel will update as the cursor location changes.

There are other Slope Analysis Tools available in 12d Model. Some of the options are colouring the Tin based on a slope range file, also calculating the Slope Analysis of a Tin.

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