Users are able to add additional help files for many of the panel displaying the help button on the bottom right hand corner of standard 12d Model panels. By creating a “Help” directory under the “$User” directory and then adding additional directories each with the name of the 12d panel on which the help is to be provided. 12d will automatically provide a link to the documents or links provided.

Often easiest way to determine the name of a 12d panel for which to link your help document. Simply create a screen layout file (SLX) and this will provided the correct name for which to create the directory.

For macros, created by Users or 12d Solutions, there can only be the same Help button for any panels created by the macro and the extra help for the macro is placed in a folder with the same name as the macro without the ending “4do” after the “.” and with any blanks or non alphanumeric characters replaced by a underscore (“_”).

For example, the extra help files for the macro called “testing help (3) system.4do” go in a folder called testing_help__3__system. Note there is an underscore for the blanks and the “(” and “)” in the macro name.

The extra help files for an in built panel or macro can have any name and can be a pdf, wmv, avi, txt etc.