This functionality has been developed within the 12d Model Software to facilitate the calculation of trenching quantities based on the “Water Network” (Stormwater/Sewer) either designed or provided by proficient users of the 12d software.

By using standard 12d “Design Templates” and the built-in “Apply Template” tools, earthworks trenches will be accurately configured based on the diameter sizes of the pipes (links).

For successful implementation of this feature, it is imperative that your 12d Project contains predefined “Pipe templates” for the various pipe sizes within the project. These templates need to be initially incorporated into the project and can subsequently be adjusted as necessary using the “Design => Templates => Create/Edit” function. The accompanying image below offers guidance on swiftly adding example templates to expedite the setup process.

Once the templates are integrated, the “Design => Apply => Template” functionality can be employed to generate the 3D model of the proposed trenches.

Please refer to the linked video for a comprehensive demonstration, accompanied by helpful insights to aid your projects.

You might also like to look at the “BIM Objects Create Trench from WNE” wiki page which shows how trimesh solids can also be created.

To view this panel,
Use: Water => Water Network => Reports => Excavation Quantities

The image below where to import some example Trench templates to be applied to your Water Network of strings.

If you are looking for a BIM option for creating trenches using trimeshes, use:

Trimesh BIM Objects Create Trench from WNE