When using Drawing Registers (XLS/CSV) for plotting, there can be some fairly ambiguous error messages when things aren’t quite right.  Below are some of the common errors sent to the Output Window.

error: Unable to find row!

“Unable to find drawing in register” – This occurs when there is no matching Drawing Number (Plot file stem) in the drawing register.

error: Invalid connection string

“No drawing register defined in PPF” – Not to be mistaken for a ‘String’ in 12d Model, this error occurs when the Title Block File (TBF) has variables that refer to a drawing register, but the XLS/CSV has not been selected in the PPF.

error: 07002 [Microsoft][ODBC Excel Driver] Too few parameters. Expected 1.

Title block>Drawing register – In the grid, a value in the Name column is not correct/cannot be found in the XLS.