The standard installation of 12d Model Software is set to automatically certify the 12d dongle, during the 28-day warning period.  This removes the need for Users to continuously access the internet and ensures the Certification process has worked correctly, without interruption.

If a user or company has removed this setting, or are using an old 12d configuration.  This process might not be happening automatically, hence the “Certify CodeMeter Dongle” panel appearing regularly.

The setting can be added back on in two ways.  Either via the “env.4d” or “env_configs.4d” file (depends which they are using).

It is always recommended these changes take place in the “env_configs.4d” via the variable as shown below.

If you are required to edit your “env.4d” file (set under Project=>Management=>env.4d). Please check where the location of this file is being “read from” and “saved to” to ensure it doesn’t affect the wrong 12d Model Projects by accident.


If users know they won’t have internet access for extended periods, they can also update the certification before going out into the field via Project=>Management=>Dongles=>Certify CodeMeter