This option is used to create a saved file of a 12d Model panel, so that the filled out panel can be recalled at a later date. The filled out panel can then be processed as it was before.

Continue down the page to see the Screen Layout File option and watch the video for tips on producing these files.

These text files (not recommended to be edited in textpad), save the layout of a 12d panel for future recall.

This helps by saving the user the need to fill in the various parts of the panel for a second or third time.  These files can be saved within the $User_Lib directory or be linked to customised Toolbars or Usermenu’s as required.

To save a SLX file, LMB (left mouse button), on the small 12d icon at the top left of the panel you wish to save. Under the “Dump” command, a smaller panel appears and the user is able to save the file in various formats including a SLF.

Note: By default, the name of the SLX file will match the name of the panel being saved, but this can be changed. By selecting the “Dump” & “Finish” buttons the file is created.

The SLX file is saved in the working directory and can then be moved if required.

Users are able to recall the completed panel via the File I/O -> Layouts -> Layout Input menu.