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12d uses a number of setup files that define things such as string names, linestyles, colours, etc, and usually have the extension .4d.  Below is general outline of the options available users when writing out (saving) setup files in 12d Model.

Most of the setup files in 12d Model have the extension .4d and can be viewed/edited via the Project Tree, found under: Project=>Management=>Tree

Some files also have a ‘user’ version, for example the symbols.4d file contains all of the standard symbols shipped with 12d, and a second file user_symbols.4d that contains any custom symbols that are created by the user.

When creating setup files, the recommended place to start is with a new empty 12d Project.  This gives you a clean and organised project, that allows you to save, update, and evolve your setup files, without everything becoming lost amongst some old project data.

If starting your 12d configuration from scratch, it’s a good idea to also start with empty *.4d files.  The main reason for this is that your lines/symbols/names don’t get mixed up with the 12d standard.

The attached file blank_linestyl_symbols_names_4d.zip contains the following ’empty’ files that can be used to create your *.4d files;

  • linestyl.4d
  • symbols.4d
  • names.4d

These files need to go into the 12d project Working Folder.  Then save & restart your 12d Project.  Your project will now have no names, linestyles, or symbols, except for a few examples in each file.

The recommended order to create files is: Linestyles & Symbols > Names > Mapfiles
Reason being, the names.4d, and mapfiles, require the linestyles/symbols to already exist.

Eventually each of the files will be renamed and placed in your User folder (for 12d Model V15 normally C:\12d\15.00\user);

  • linestyl.4d > user_linestyl.4d
  • symbols.4d > user_symbols.4d
  • names.4d stays as names.4d

Or, if you have existing user_*.4d files, you can edit and copy the definitions to your existing user_linestyl.4d and user_symbols.4d files.

As with many other options in 12d, some setup files make use of a standard ‘grid’ layout.  Values in the grid can be copied to/from an excel spreadsheet.  As an example, when editing the names.4d file, it is often easier to create all the values in spreadsheet and then just copy/paste into the Names.4d Editor.

For info on Linestyles:  Linestyl.4d

For importing a DWG file with linetype and block definitions that you would like to use in 12d, take a look here:  Linestyles and Symbols from DWG

For info on setting up the Names file:  Names.4d File