3D Objects exported as a 12da file can be inserted along at string at each vertex.

BIM=>Trimesh=>Create=>Trimesh BIM Objects Create/Edit

If you don’t already have an editable file in the Working Folder, please see here:  12dwiki.com.au/trimesh-bim-objects-create/

Then create a new Type;

  • Make sure to select Location: Working Folder
  • Then create a new Vertex-Segment Type

On the Vertex tab, create a new Vertex Type:  12da Object

In Row 1, enter the following values;

  • Active: On
  • (H) Type: 12da File
  • (V) Type: Height
  • Height: 0
  • LMB in the Properties cell and enter;
    • 12da File:  yourFile.12da
    • Then <Set> to apply the changes, and <Finish>

<Preview> and <Write> the file.

Rotate to Symbol

For Vertices that have Symbols, objects in the 12da file can be placed using the symbol rotation.

In the Properties panel;

  • Rotate to symbol angle: On

Perpendicular and half angle:  When objects are placed at vertices on a string, they will be placed perpendicular to the string OR- if the adjoining segments are not linear, the Half-Angle will be calculated to set the rotation of the object.  Note that due to the orientation of the original objects in the 12da, the Half-Angle (or perpendicular) placement may not appear correct.  Often objects will need to be rotated 90deg.

  • Additional rotation value:  (degrees) Allows for 12da’s that may not be orientated as required.

To apply the BIM Objects, please see here:  12dwiki.com.au/trimesh-bim-objects-apply/