Creating a longsection plot from 12d Model, that meets Sydney Water’s requirements, usually involves a lot of manual drafting.

The 12d Model to Sydney Water setup is designed to reduce the amount of manual drafting effort required to produce a Sydney Water longsection.  Additionally, as it uses the original data from 12d Model there is less chance of errors that may occur from “re-drafting” longsections in AutoCAD.

For more information, and to download the 12d Model – Sydney Water Customisation, please see here;


By using the setup files provided by EXDS, converting a 12d Model longsection is a two step process:

  1. Plot a longsection from 12d Model to DWG using the Sydney Water setup.
  2. Process the DWG in AutoCAD to comply with Sydney Water’s requirements.

Note: The 12d Model to Sydney Water setup is not a complete conversion to Sydney Water standards.  Some manual drafting is needed to produce the finished product.

A sample 12d Model project is included with the setup files from the link above.

A Note on MTEXT

If the DWG contains MText, the VLX routine will give an error such as;

error : bad argument type <NIL> ; expected <NUMBER> at [/]

If this happens, the 12d env variable for MText will need to be disabled by setting;


A simple solution is to create an Env Config for plotting, that has MText ‘preset’ to off.  Refer to the 12d (V15) Reference Manual, S. 6.10.4 Creating/Editing Environment Configurations