Information about our Sydney Water Customisation is currently available here:

Creating a longsection plot from 12d Model, that meets Sydney Water’s requirements, usually involves a lot of manual drafting.

The 12d Model to Sydney Water setup is designed to reduce the amount of manual drafting effort required to produce a Sydney Water longsection.

Additionally, as it uses the original data from 12d Model there is less chance of errors that may occur from “re-drafting” longsections in AutoCAD.


By using the setup files provided by EXDS, converting a 12d Model longsection is a two step process:

  1. Plot a longsection from 12d Model to AutoCAD (dwg) using the Sydney Water setup.
  2. Process the dwg in AutoCAD to comply with Sydney Water’s requirements.

Please note that the 12d Model to Sydney Water setup is not a complete conversion to Sydney Water standards, and some manual drafting is needed to produce the finished product.

All of the files required for the 12d Model to Sydney Water setup can be downloaded from the link above.

A sample 12d Model project is also included in the download.

A Note on MTEXT

If the DWG contains MText, the VLX routine will give an error such as;

error : bad argument type <NIL> ; expected <NUMBER> at [/]

If this happens, the 12d env variable for MText will need to be disabled by setting;


A simple solution is to create an Env Config to use for plotting, that has MText ‘preset’ to off.  For more info, refer to the 12d Reference Manual, S. 6.12.5 Creating/Editing Environment Configurations