Symbols & Attributes in 12d Model have been around for a long time.  But did you know that Vertex Attributes can also be export as DWG – Block Attributes?

This is useful for something as simple as setout points, or drainage/utility information.

During the export process, 12d Model will automatically convert Symbols to Blocks, along with the Attributes.

Alternatively, you can use a DWT (template) with the Attributed Block definition already created.  12d Model will map the Symbol names to the Block names, and the Vertex Attributes to matching Block Attributes.  This allows exporting of Symbols to meet your company or client’s CAD Standards.

The workflow below describes how to take your 12d Model Symbols & Attributes and export them to Attributed Block.

To start, your Attributes need to be defined as Vertex Attributes.  If you only have String Attributes, do not panic, as you can use the Attribute Manipulator to move/copy String Attributes to Vertex Attributes.

The Attribute Manipulator can be found under:
Utilities=>Attributes=>Create/edit attribute manipulator file
See here for copying attributes (String to Vertex is the reverse):

File=>Data ouput=>DWG/DXF

On the Write DWG panel, there are a few options that need to be set as follows:

General Tab

  • Use blocks for points styles: On

Text/Attributes Tab

  • Write attributes:Vertex: On

Advanced Tab

  • Associate vertex atts with symbol: On

The attributed Block as it appears in the DWG.

  • If using a Template (DWT) that contains the Block definitions, then the Block Attribute names must match the Attribute names from 12d.