RMS Customisation for RMS/TfNSW internal use only

During the 12d RMS installation process, you will be prompted to enter your company Serial Number.  This will have been emailed to a single contact for each company.

Please call EXDS Technical Support if you need details on your RMS 12d representative.

Note: The Serial Numbers provided will only work for the 12d Version as specified in your email.

If you have any trouble installing the customisation files, please don’t hesitate to contact Technical Support on (02)9453-9449

Steps for installation include;

1. Close all instances of 12d Model Software before any Install/Uninstall.

2. Previous versions of the “RMS Customisation for 12d V14.00” should be uninstalled via Windows Control Panel.

RMS Customisation Download

Please use the link below to download the RMS Customisation installer.

Download for V14:  RMS Use Only – Customisation for 12d V14.00_14.3.01

Extract the installer (.MSI) from the zip file, and then run.

During the install, you will be prompted for a Serial Number.  This will be emailed to you separately.

3. Step through the installation panels and your User details. Copy/Paste the Serial number from the email provided from EXDS.

4. By default, the 12d RMS files will be installed under “C:\Users\Public\Projects|12d_config_(VERSION)\RMS_Cust\

5. Continue through to the end of the installation process.

After the installation is complete, a new icon “12d Model 14 – TfNSW” should appear on your Windows Desktop.

This shortcut is configured to always load the RMS Customisation when 12d Model starts up.

6. The RMS Customisation is configured to look for your nodes.4d file at “C:\Users\Public\Projects\12d_config_(VERSION)\nodes.4d

When starting 12d Model if you see the Authorisation Error panel shown below, check that the nodes.4d file has been copied to the correct location.