A number of customised files is available from EXDS that will configure 12d Model for RMS Survey and Civil Engineering project work.

These files are available by completing the registration form available here.

Please contact EXDS Technical Support on (02) 9453 9449 if you believe your organization has already purchased these files. A 12d Model coordinator for each organization has been set up to be automatically notified when these files have been updated or new versions available.

We are pleased to release the latest version of our RMS Customisation for 12d Model and 12d Field.  The RMS Customisation has been written for use with Version 14 of 12d Model.

For Surveyors

  • Updated Names and Map Files
  • Map Files for RMS Cadastral and WAE Surveys
  • Updated Symbol and Linestyle Library
  • 12d Field Code Library for RMS Detail Survey & SUI Surveys (Underground Services)
  • Attribute Manipulator files for use with SUI Surveys
  • Attribute splitting mapfiles for use with SUI Surveys
  • Inquire styles for SUI (RMS-SUI) Attributes and SDR (SDR CHK) Attributes
  • Updated Toolbars

For Designers

  • Updated Names and Map Files
  • Updated Design Snippets
  • Grate and Lintel Trimesh for use with RMS Stormwater Pits
  • Updated Symbol and Linestyle Library
  • Updated Toolbars

Help for the RMS Customisation is still available here: rms.12dwiki.com.au
(Please note this site is still under construction with additional content)

RMS Customisation LITE

For surveyors, we also have a LITE version that contains the basic files needed for undertaking detail survey.  This includes the following;

  • names.4d
  • nvalues.4d
  • user_linestyl_RMSv14.4d
  • user_symbols_RMSv14.4d
  • QQ_tolerance_panel.4do
  • RMS_Survey_SUI_Attribute_Ordering.12dattmf
  • RMS_Survey_SUI_Attribute_TIME_DATE.12dattmf
  • RMS_SUI_Survey.12dfield_sdr_config
  • RMS_Survey_Attribute_Coding.12dfieldcodes
  • RMS_Survey_Detail.label_mapfile
  • RMS_Survey_Detail.mapfile

Note:  The LITE version does not include any files for WAE or Cadastral survey, design, plotting, exporting to CAD, or custom toolbars.