1) Computating new elements from curve/spirals can cause problems.  The components shown have been created so that all references are to ‘segment’ not to ‘string’. This should get around having a curve/spiral in close proximity.

2) The main cause with your intersection is the angle between the Ref Strings.  If you make it a simple 90deg, the component works with no problems.  However, as the angle reaches a critical size, some of the components non-user defined parameters (exit angle, curve radii) cause problems when trying to resolve the SA’s.  Depending on the Ref String geometry up-stream from the intersection, this may then also contribute to it’s failure.

A) Ref String angle becomes too large – The component is using an exit angle of approx 70deg, which requires a greater length to solve (~400m in this case).

Editing the Linemarking SA and changing the angle allows it to resolve, and then resolve the rest of the SA’s that are computated off the Linemarking.

B) The angle becomes too small – The curve radii on the kerb do not have enough separation to resolve.

Editing the Placed Component and changing the radii allows it to resolve.